Land Rover Service at Young Motors Kilkenny

Our Manufacturer trained technicians have extensive experience and craftsmanship. We meet Land Rover's rigorous standards for quality our service and maintenance ensures that your Land Rover and its warranty are fully protected.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in a modern workshop environment. Whilst entrusted to work on your Land Rover we can offer these additional benefits and encourage you to use us for all your future service and maintenance work.

Electronic Parts Catalogue

This comprehensive database system allows staff to securely input your vehicle details and view the correct part listing for your Land Rover.

Diagnostic Systems

Land Rover represent the highest quality in engineering and design. However, should unforeseen issues occur with your vehicle, we use up-to-date diagnostic equipment that communicates with your car to help locate and rectify any issues. The advanced software not only finds potential issues, but provides the service technician with suggestions and tools to help resolve them to provide you with a quick and efficient repair.

Factory Approved Repair Procedures and Tooling

Utilising specifically created tools for use Land Rover vehicles, our technicians can guarantee that the right tool is used for the right job, and minimises the risk of incorrect fitting or damage to your vehicle.

Qualified Technicians

Land Rover understands that service or maintenance work requires advanced knowledge, expertise, and first rate ability. Technicians undergo continual training with Land Rover's Training Academy on approved tools, equipment, technology, and techniques suitable for your vehicle.

Use of Genuine Land Rover Parts and Accessories

Genuine Land Rover Parts and Accessories have been designed specifically to comply with our high standards of safety and reliability. They are rigorously tested and offer the best quality for your service and maintenance needs. All Genuine Parts are covered by the Land Rover parts warranty.

Customer Convenience

We deliver the highest standards of customer care by offering a range of convenient services including collection and delivery (where and when possible), and replacement car hire.

Warranty Protection

All work carried out is covered by your vehicle warranty policy (provided it was undertaken within your warranty period).

The Service Stamp

Regular servicing with us will give your vehicle the benefit of an approved Land Rover service history, prolonging the quality of Land Rover and helping maintain a competitive resale value.

Stay One Step Ahead

Your vehicle safety is our top priority.

Even Land Rover technology needs a check over once in a while, including a between-services check of vital components. You can do some of these checks yourself, of course. But with our trained technicians and workshop equipment, we can do a much faster, more thorough job for you.

We offer seasonal checks covering all the components, fluid levels, and consumables that are vital for safety and reliability. Wipers, blades, lights and screenwash for optimum visibility; brakes, tyres, drive shafts and steering for grip and traction; and all those vital levels and visual checks to ensure you can tackle a journey with confidence. You can be assured that whenever you visit Young Motors your vehicle is in safe hands.

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